See!!! The last post of this blog, which was the day I setup this blog, was Feb 26. And when this post is up, it’s Nov 25… 10 months after I actually setup this blog. The power of procrastination indeed!!

This blog is meant to record down the day-to-day account of my relationship with her. We have been together for 10 months. And, thanks God, in His blessing, our relationship is getting stronger by the day. If people come to me and say they do not believe in God and everything just happens by chance. I would say: non-sense!!! God is there!! He has a grand plan, and everything falls and fits in nicely in His grand plan. And this blog will bear that testimony.


The Beginning


I am a physics major, and she is from lit. Yet we share the spirit for adventures, the love for good readings, the passion for teaching and the taste for ice cream together. By the grace of our Lord, we met because of the Himalayas. And thus the stories about loves, passion and mountains unveiled.